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Football Tall Tales

Scottish Football - Bad Day at the Office!

Aberdeen striker Dean Windass once received 3 red cards in the space of 22 minutes!

Scottish Football - Wind, Lose, or Draw!

A club in the Scottish Highlands plan to use wind turbines to power their floodlights during evening and winter games.

South America - Attack, Attack, Attache!

Another strange tale from Uruguay, this time in the 1930's. A Nacional player narrowly shooting wide of the post was very surprised to see the ball rebound on to the pitch after hitting a cameraman's briefcase which had been left behind the goal.

South America - New Balls, Please!

In the first division match between Deportes Temuco and Audax Italiano in July 2002, Chilean first-division referee Francisco Camaano made a name for himself by taking the law into his own hands!

South America - Striker Arrested for Theft in Penalty Box!

1991 - Penarol v Nacional, Uruguyuan football's biggest derby and a passionate capacity crowd.

World Cup - Card Tricks on the Pitch

Some of Portugal's U-20 squad decided to take the refereeing into their own hand's during the dying minutes of their 1-0 loss to Chile in the U-20 World Cup.

World Cup - High Altitude Ban

A row of the highest proportions recently erupted when FIFA President Sepp Blatter declared that no international football matches would be allowed to take place above an altitude of 2,500 metres.

World Cup - It's All About Winning

World Cup Spain 1982 - West Germany v Austria turned out to be a match to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

World Cup - Playing for Your Countries at the World Cup?

Competing in the World Cup for 2 different countries might sound impossible, but it's not!

World Cup - Poll Position

England's footballers may not have made their mark on the 2006 World Cup but Graham Poll, the country's sole referee in Germany, certainly did with a performance that may go down as one of the most error-strewn in the tournament's history.


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