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Football Fans

Smarter Fans

Fans are getting smarter, and blame for poor performances is shifting from the players and manager to club directors.

Fathers, Football And Mental Health

For many years, research on children's development and well-being has focused almost exclusively on what happens between children and their mothers. But some recent research has begun to focus on the importance of 'quality time' between fathers and children, and the potential benefits this has for mental health in later life.

Why Fans Fight

Professor Eric Dunning is a leading academic in the area of sport and violence and has written a number of books and articles on the subject. According to him what are the real causes of hooliganism, why does it seem to affect football above other sports and what role does a country's culture plays in the phenomenon.

William Hibbert – "Being There"

The World Cup is enjoyed around the globe. For some, such as England fan, William Hibbert, being there was everything. Michael Lee caught up with him and found out about the drastic measure he took in order to afford being able to travel to the tournament in South East Asia.

Hammer Horror

'It's not the despair I can't take; it's the hope.' One West Ham fan on his team's relegation from the English Premier League.

World Cup Community

"You're never alone during the World Cup". It is the global competition enjoyed by many different communities. Simon Inglis invites you to join his.

Sacred Soccer?

Is football the new religion? Superficially, the game is portrayed as such. Judge for yourself as we take a light-hearted look at the 'ten commandments' of the sport.

England vs South Africa Fan Diary

Two England fans travelled to the African continent to see their national team play South Africa in a friendly match in May 2003. This is a 5 day diary account of their journey.

Living Without Football - The Leeds Fan

Keith Boseley-Yemm, a lifelong Leeds Utd fan, thought there was no way he could live without football. But when a major UK Television series asked him to put that to the test, Keith, with the kind of defiant spirit that has characterised his teams' recent successes took up the challenge.

Summertime Blues

The sun shines. Holidays beckon. There's sausages to barbecue and cold drinks to sup on the lawn. So what on earth are the British moaning about now? The answer, as Simon Inglis explains, is there is no football.


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