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Football Players

Milene Domingues - Don't Call Her Ronaldinha!

Milene Domingues has a problem. She has played club football since the age of 14, and holds the world record for keepie-uppies, (55,187 touches in nine hours and six minutes). She broke the European transfer fee record when the Spanish club Rayo Vallecano tried to sign her, and is now the most recognisable female footballer playing on this side of the Atlantic.

Dave Wiseman – For The Love Of The Game

"There's something we need to tell you Dave," said the doctor, "Yes I know, you've taken my leg!" replied Dave Wiseman. That was three years ago but Dave's love for the game hasn't stopped him playing regularly and he is now on the edge of representing England.

Sammy Kuffour

Football is what he plays, faith in God is what he practises. For "without God nothing in life is possible," Bayern Munich's Sammy Kuffour will tell you.

Imran Khan - Grassroots Muslim Footballer

"I always thought that people with beards and praying were a bit weird, that they were missing out on something." So says Imran Khan, goalkeeper for London APSA (Asian People Sports Association), a mostly Muslim football team. "But then I realised I was the one missing out on something.

Desiree Ellis

Such is Desiree Ellis' commitment to her footballing career that she was prepared to lose her job to fulfil her duty as captain of South Africa's national women's team.

Kelly Smith

"The Wayne Gretsky of soccer", was how Sports Illustrated for Women described England's 22 year old star striker from Watford, Kelly Smith.

Teeratep Winothai

The Palace of Dreams - Thai prodigy Winothai on making the grade in South London. This is the remarkable story of Teeratep Winothai, who at the age of 15 moved to England to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer and one day playing for his idols, Manchester United.

Emmanuel Olisadebe

Nigeria's loss is Poland's gain - how Nigerian Emmanuel Olisadebe ended up leading Poland to the 2002 World Cup.

Bhaichung Bhutia

From Bengal to Bury - India's captain on the struggle to succeed in the home of football. As the first Indian player ever to play in the English football league, Bhutia has attracted a great deal of attention both in England, and back home, where Bhutia was accustomed to playing in front of crowds of up to 140,000 in East Bengal's Salt Lake stadium.

Shaun Bartlett

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Shaun now plays for London based club Charlton Athletic in the English Premiership. The full South African international player is now settled at the club following playing spells in New York and Switzerland. We talked to Shaun about playing and living in Britain.


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