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Football Equipment

The Humble Football: A Eulogy

The football. Without it there would be no superstar players, World Cups or global soccer industry. It is the forgotten hero of our game.


Goalposts as the world knows them today were originally designed in Britain.

Pitch Markings

The markings on a modern football pitch are one of the most familiar images of the modern era, as instantly recognisable as the twin arches of McDonald's or the curve of a Coke bottle.


Always play to the whistle! Wherever football is played, the chances are that the referee's whistle is an 'Acme Thunderer'. Invented by Joseph Hudson, an English toolmaker from Birmingham, in 1884.

Goal Nets

It's in the net! What finer sight is there than the ripple of the net as a goal is scored? Even the sound of the leather skimming across the nylon is tantalising. Yet, when football was first played, there were no nets.


Let there be light! Floodlit sport is now routine, but the world's first ever floodlit match in Sheffield, England, in October 1878, created a huge stir.


The magical 'clunk'! In Britain entry to the stadium is through a turnstile. The magical 'clunk' heard as supporters pass through the turnstile signals their transition from the real world to the dream world of football.

Red and Yellow Cards

Being shown the card! Not content with blowing an all-powerful Acme Thunderer whistle, it was an English referee who first thought of using red and yellow cards.

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