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Football Tall Tales

English Football - Living Fans Only Please!

Everton FC announced recently (June 2004) that it will discontinue its burial service for supporters.

English Football - Name Game Derby

One of the longest running football pub debates is set to be laid to rest thanks to new research from Carling.

English Football - Reflex In-action!

During his time at Southampton Football Club, goalkeeper Dave Beasant, damaged his foot trying to trap a bottle of salad cread which fell from a cupboard in his kitchen. The injury he sustained put him out of action for a couple of months!

English Football - The Case of the Missing Goalkeeper

In an English local league match in the 1990's, the weather was so foggy that the referee was forced to abandon the game.

English Football - The Heat is On!

Thrifty ex-Liverpool star Alan Hansen requested a TV company foot his gas bill after he was filmed in front of his own lounge fire.

European Football - A Fishy Transfer!

Norwegian striker Kenneth Kristensen was transferred recently from third division Vindbjart to rivals Floey - the fee? His bodyweight in shrimp!

European Football - Eat Your Greens, and Your Reds!

When the referee gave fiery Italian Fernando d'Ercoli a red card in the Pianta-Arpax Italian league match in the late 1980's, he could hardly have expected what was to follow!

European Football - Hypnotising Chickens on Live TV

In preparation for a Spanish league match against Real Madrid in 2002/3, Real Betis winger and farmer's son Joaquim Sanchez stunned the Spanish TV audience by going live on Spanish TV and hypnotizing a chicken!

European Football - Running Scared

In 1996, Romanian junior team Atletic Bucarest was fined over $15,000 for leaving the pitch before the whole 90 minutes of their match had been played. When they left the field, the players were losing 16-0!

European Football - What, No Beer?

Everyone knows of the love affair between football fans and beer and nowhere is this more so that Germany.


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