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Football Issues


While football is known for the brawny and computer science the brainy, both fields share several common threads. Popular throughout the world, both spheres have bred countless, obsessive fans and have proven to be lucrative lines of work. Hal Cohen meets them at an interesting crossover.

Above The Law?

The footballers of Italy's Serie B are back at work, the magistrates and judges have been stood down. The might of the law has gone back to its daily, headline-free administration of the ups and downs of daily life. But, Keir Radnedge predicts, it will not be long before football and the legal profession mix it again somewhere in Europe.

Sympathy For The Devil

Are referees really as bad as we say they are? Or is it really our fault for expecting human-beings to referee like supermen?

The Good, the Bad and the Ordinary: What Makes a Legendary Manager?

What's the difference between a good manager and a legendary manager?

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