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Football Nations

The Case Of Bafana Bafana

A battle in the courts of South Africa has led to its football association (SAFA) being unable to cash in on their national team's nickname, Bafana Bafana, after originally trying to disown it. Mark Gleeson reports on the power of public sentiment over the authorities.

Benin's Soccer Fans Are Proud, But Ask For More

Until recently, the Squirrels – as Benin's national squad is known – were the minnows on the African football scene. However, recent successes on the field and a jump up the FIFA world rankings have raised expectations amongst fans. So much so that their coach, Rene Taelman, was replaced recently after a 3-0 defeat to Sudan.

Tartan Army

The legions of Scotland fans show again why they are considered by many to the best fans in the world.

Spain's immigrant fans get the Real deal

Many of Spain's growing immigrant population have decided that, rather than following their native teams from afar, they would prefer to lend their support to local clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Turkey fans: Making Noise - And Friends - In The North

4,500 Turkey fans had travelled from far and wide to the north of England to support their national team, make plenty of noise - and, as learnt, quite a few friends along the way.

Lisbon in London

The Portuguese community in London has arranged themselves around the fierce loyalty to their country's top clubs, but what happens when Portugal plays as a nation?

Style Wars

"The late 1970s and the early 1980s were the period of the 'style wars'…" and a time when Liverpool supporters helped define the identity of European fans.

Football Superstitions in Argentina

Players, fans and even the President try to help influence the good luck of their team.

The Thailand National Team

The Next Asian Football Superpower? How Peter Withe is laying the foundations for Thai football's ascendancy.

Shanghai, The Devils Of The Orient

Shanghai Shenhua is one of the biggest clubs in China. Wang Qihao, President of the Blue Devils' Fans Association tells us what it means to follow them.


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