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Football Rivalries

England vs Argentina - The Argentina Fan

World Cup 2nd Round, 30 June 1998. This is the story of that game told by an English and an Argentinean fan.

Glasgow's Old Firm - Rangers & Celtic

This is the story of the two most famous football clubs in Scotland - Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic. The two most decorated clubs in the history of Scottish football have not always been the fiercest of intra-city rivals but over the years that has changed.

Prestige Disaster - Celta & Deportivo Fans Club Together

The Prestige disaster last November, when an oil tanker broke in two off the northern coast of Spain, caused one of the biggest European ecological disasters of the last decade but, as Phil Minshull reports, it also brought out the best in the fans of bitter Spanish rivals Celta Vigo and Deportivo La Coruna.

England vs Argentina - The English Fan

World Cup 2nd Round, 30 June 1998. This is the story of that game told by an English and an Argentinean fan.

The Mother Of All Derbies - Notts County vs Nottingham Forest

Two of the oldest clubs in the world have been slugging it out for over 130 years.

Buenos Aires Derby - Boca Juniors vs River Plate

A Question of Class! "The people's team" vs 'los millonarios'. The city of Buenos Aires has produced one of the world's greatest football rivalries - and a string of world class players.

Milan Derby - AC Milan vs Inter Milan

A Family Feud! There's nothing like a good old family row to get the adrenalin flowing. In Milan, they've been at it for more than 90 years, since a rebel faction broke away from the Milan Cricket and Football Club (later AC Milan) to form "Internazionale".

North London Derby - Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

The Battle for North London! As rivalries go, this one has it all - stealthy river crossings; occupation of enemy territory; double agents - and ultimately, taking over the identity of your rival.

Johannesburg Derby - Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates

As with many countries around the world, South Africa has one showpiece club match each season that brings the nation to a near standstill - the traditional derby game between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, the two most popular clubs in the country.

England vs Germany

When the England team travels to Germany for a World Cup qualifying group match in September, one of international soccer's most intense and passionate rivalries will be resumed.


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