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British Club Nicknames

Some British teams have very strange nicknames. Why are Arsenal called the Gunners, who are the Imps? Find out here.

Gerard Houllier - Master Of The Cross-Border Game

On May 12 Gérard Houllier walked out on to the Millennium Stadium turf as a proud man. The Liverpool side he led was on the verge of playing its second final of the season (having already won the Worthington Cup), and were eagerly awaiting Alaves in the third of their finals, in the UEFA Cup, a few days later. Of the three, though, Houllier prefers the FA Cup, this competition making him very emotional indeed. He tells us why.

The England Team On The Couch

Dr Willi Railo, an eminent sports psychologist, has helped revolutionise English football by introducing techniques of mental preparation to a football culture immersed in traditional values of hard work and patriotism.

The Collapse Of Soviet Soccer

Many new national football teams have emerged in Central Asia and Eastern Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many older fans regret the decline in quality since the break-up, but a new generation of younger fans appreciate being able to support a football team that is closer to home.

The FA Cup Final

A World Event? Read on and then explore the menu to the right to find out what fans from around the world think.

Kiss That Pay Rise Goodbye! - How Italy is Becoming Money Conscious

What on earth has happened to Italian football? A look at the financial side of life in Serie A.

Should England Adopt A Winter Break?

Many of Europe's major leagues have a winter shutdown, stopping for several weeks or even months over January and February. In England, the situation is the reverse, with extra matches played throughout the Christmas and New Year periods! Is it time English footballers were given a winter holiday like their European counterparts?

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