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WUSA - Reaction Of The Fans

As France and North Korea kicked off the 2003 Women's World Cup in Philadelphia, soccer fans came out for the matches not knowing when they'd next see more. Hal Cohen gauges the reaction of the fans to the news that WUSA has ended.

Philly football

Even before Manchester United and FC Barcelona stepped onto the pitch in Philadelphia, before 68,396 fans packed into the city's brand-new Lincoln Financial Field for its inaugural event, the international friendly was already making history. Philly resident, Hal Cohen, was there to feel the culture amongst the largest ever turnout for a soccer game in the city. Did he witness America moving a step closer to becoming a football nation?

Felicity Ruggerio, U.S Soccer Mom

The ultimate 'soccer mom,' we spoke to Felicity, of Bethany County, West Virginia, USA, about how she became a soccer mom and why it's important to her, and the neighbourhood youth.

US Soccer: Where's the love?

Despite the USA's unqualified success at the recent World Cup, Hal Cohen ponders whether soccer can become a regular part of the American sporting diet.

Team America Split

The most successful team in the history of women's international football has taken a giant leap of faith - by voluntarily breaking itself up!

Soccer in Bethany, USA

Soccer in the USA is getting bigger and bigger, particularly at the grassroots level. To try and understand this growth got right to the heart of grassroots football in Bethany College, West Virginia, where we spoke with Dr John Cunningham ("JC to my friends"), a coach with over 30 years experience.

US Major League Soccer Fans

"We have the most diverse ethnic audience of any sport in the USA," says Don Garber, the man in charge of America's Major League Soccer. There was pride in his voice, but Garber is well aware of the problems of trying to face in different directions at the same time.

Jamaica Get Your Passports

While the number of black players in British football has rocketed since the 1970s, there are still relatively few black spectators attending matches. As Emma Lindsey found out, this doesn't mean that black Britons don't follow football. Quite the reverse...

How I Got My Cup Final Tickets

An American film-maker and Arsenal fan tells his story of FA Cup Final tickets and coincidence.

Notes From a Survivor: An Adventure in the Land Football Forgot

A postcard from America - What is it with football in the USA?

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