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Football Features

  • Football Art

    From poets to painters, cartoonists to playwrights, this section includes articles on a wide range of football-related art forms.
  • Football Careers

    A range of articles looking at different roles and careers in the world of football - from Chief Executives to journalists.
  • Football Celebrities

    Many stars of stage, screen and even the catwalk have a penchant for the beautiful game. Find out more here!
  • Football Clubs

    Clubs come in all shapes and sizes and in this section we look at the issues confronting them & their relationships with the community.
  • Football Equipment

    Nowadays we take for granted many elements of the game of football. Learn more about their invention and development in this section!
  • Football Fans

    Stories from fans all around the world - covering mixed experiences and emotions, hopes and fears as well as a range of fan related issues.
  • Football History

    A trip through time looking at football's spread across the world and some of its defining moments.
  • Football Homes

    We examine the concept of 'home' in different cultures and explore some football homes - from cottages to castles!
  • Football Issues

    Articles transcending a nation's culture and looking at numerous footballing themes from referees to running a club.
  • Football Nations

    A look at the unique characteristics of fans in different countries as well as the special regions & people that define a country's football identity!
  • Football Players

    Although not quite legendary, these players have an extraordinary football story to tell nonetheless!
  • Football Rivalries

    Learn more about the rivalries between neighbouring clubs, towns and even countries that have absorbed the football world for over 130 years!
  • Legendary Players

    From the annals of history to the modern day greats - this section examines some exceptional players, inside and outside the game!
  • Legendary Teams

    Articles paying tribute to teams that have accomplished something extraodinary during their generation. From 1872 to the present day!
  • Regional - CONCACAF

    A look at football culture in North and Central America, covering a range of topics from "soccer moms" to fans abroad.
  • Regional - UEFA

    A look at the culture of Europe, the cradle of football civilization and some of the issues being debated throughout the continent.

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