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English Football - An Unusual Brand of Justice

Manchester City's fans dished out their own brand of justice to a fan of rivals, Manchester United, who was accused of throwing a coin at City forward, Craig Bellamy during the teams’ 2009/10 Carling Cup semi-final match.


Having been charged with the offence by the police, as per standard procedure the fan’s name and address became publicly available and immediately sparked a series of pranks from Manchester City supporters.


Within 24 hours, orders for 150 pounds worth of pizzas, a skip, rat exterminators and two prostitutes had arrived on the fan’s doorstep – whose embarrassment was no doubt compounded by the fact that he still lives at home with his parents!


In the following days the jokes kept coming with an order for a bronze statue of Winston Churchill, a visit from a salesman to estimate the cost of an indoor swimming pool and a performance from children’s entertainer Squeaky the Clown.


Worried that details of the pranks appearing on their website might be fanning the flames, Man City supporters’ site Blue Moon, removed details that had been posted but to no avail!


A bouncy castle, a call from an Avon Rep, a breakdown truck and a puppet show soon followed, along with a 1957 pink Cadillac with an Elvis impersonator as a chauffeur!


Whilst the fan’s mother protests her son’s innocence, his father was clearly getting fed up with the japery stating "We've had no end of trouble - I've had to take time off work to deal with it."


Meanwhile the Greater Manchester Police had little to say about the trouble, with a  spokeswoman simply stating that  "Officers are investigating the incidents."

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