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English Football - 9 Year Old Signs for Manchester United

Manchester United has recruited a football phenomenon! Nothing suprising there, but then this one is aged just 9 years old with the decision based on just a few minutes of video footage. 

Rhain Davis was recruited after his grandfather sent a DVD to the club's youth coaching staff which showed him representing an under 10's side in Brisbane, Australia.

"Manchester United is proud of its history of developing talented young players, and invests considerable time and resources into trying to find the best young players of the future" read a statement issued by the club.

The case has attracted a great deal of attraction since the Red Devils brought the youngster on board with a clip available on the YouTube website racking up more than 800,000 views to date! 

Presumably United went into a little more depth though as the 4 minute segment shows only Davis's dribbling, step over and goal-scoring skills - though these have been sufficient to see him dubbed as the next Wayne Rooney already! 

The club has moved to downplay the hype, pointing it recruits about 40 players in Davis' age bracket every year and that his status with the club will be subject to the same annual review as every other youth player at United.

Davis has moved to England and is training with a United youth squad. Davis was born in England and has a British passport. His grandfather lives in England "Being here has been brilliant" added the youngster.

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