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Football Nations

Manolo, Spain

Every national team has its obsessive followers. But few are as famous, as loud, as bold, as downright bombastic as Manolo - el del Bombo (he of the drum).

Paul Gregory - Sheffield Wednesday's Tango Man

Sheffield Wednesday, England, look fondly on fan Paul Gregory who has come to be known as "The Tango Man".

Casting An Eye Over Lens

In France, no club is closer to British football culture than Lens. In the heart of a region passionate about football, the "Racing Club" has been successful through the years, while remaining true to its popular roots. Its biggest asset? Its fans, who are greatly influenced by supporters from the other side of the Channel.

Hail, Hail The Celts Are Here

Don Watson tells us what it means to follow the green and white hoops of Glasgow Celtic.

British Fans Are Different

British football, so they say, is in decline. Out-played, out-thought - it's club teams full of foreigners. But lift your eyes from the pitch to the stands, and you'll see a group of people who are copied worldwide - Britain's devoted fans.


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