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Arsenal Supporters Meet Dynamo Fans In Kiev

Arsenal supporters led by Steven Powell, chair of Arsenal Independent Supporters' Association (AISA) met with supporters of Ukrainian giants Dynamo Kiev the night before their UEFA Champions' League clash in the Ukrainian capital.

We'll Support You Evermore

Or just until next season? Dr Alan Tapp shares the surprising findings of his recent study that has questioned the undying loyalty of some football fans.

Fan Friendly Success In Faro

Tuesday night in Faro, the evening before the Portugal-England friendly match and some 50 England fans packed into a nightclub for a fans forum with the South Side Boys, Portuguese Ultras who follow Farense, the 'B' division club from Faro who will eventually take over the Faro Euro 2004 stadium.

England Fans Plan Fan-Friendly Lisbon

Described by the Portuguese press as on a mission to 'civilise European football' four members of the independent LondonEnglandFans group visited Lisbon last week to develop their preparations for a fan-friendly Euro 2004 in the city.

It's A Gooaall!!

A fan of English Third Division club Hull City describes the beauty of a goal.

If I Ran The Club: A Fan

A Liverpool fan speculates on how things would work if he was the owner of his beloved Liverpool FC.


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