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How I Started - Media Relations Officer

Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy - British Council
 This article was generously provided to ClubFootball by the British Council, which operates in China as the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy.


Name: Nick Barron

Job: Media Relations Officer
Nationality: British

Nick Barron is 25, and works as a Media Relations Officer for the Football Association. He joined the Football Association in August 1997, working on England's campaign to host the 2006 World Cup.

How did you first get involved in promoting football?

"I originally went to work for the Football Association on England's 2006 World Cup bid. I was studying for my final exams at Oxford University when I heard the bid's campaign director Alec McGivan talking on the radio about the bidding process. It sounded fascinating and so I wrote to him to ask him about possible job opportunities and he took me on as a Research Assistant for the campaign."


Can you describe your job for us?

"Basically, what I'm doing now is essentially working as a Press Officer, specifically with responsibility for re-focusing perceptions of what the F.A. do. Everyone associates the F.A. with the England team and FA Cup. However, we also want to highlight all the work we do to promote the growth of football around the country at every level. Specifically, women's football, encouraging ethnic minority participation, improving football facilities for fans and, above all, reaching out to the three million registered football players at the grassroots level."


What do you enjoy most about working in football?

"I like working on something that people care about. It's an industry based on passion, passion of the fans, of the players and everyone here at the F.A. loves football. Most of all I've got the chance to give something back to the game I love."


What's been the highlight of your career so far?

"Well I'm working with a great team. But my favourite moment has to be the time I played football with Sir Bobby Charlton, when we were promoting England's 2006 World Cup campaign in Ghana. We played together in a team representing the British High Commission against local journalists and I set up a goal for Sir Bobby with a great cross!"


Finally, what advice would you give people who want to follow you?

"Never be afraid to look for opportunities where you wouldn't think they would exist."




May 2001

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