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How I Started - Journalist / Editor

Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy - British Council
 This article was generously provided to ClubFootball by the British Council, which operates in China as the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy.


Name: Hugh Sleight

Job: Deputy Editor, Match Football Magazine
Nationality: British
How did you first get involved in writing about football?
"I'd just finished a degree in Law at Cambridge University, and that helped me decide that I definitely didn't want to become a lawyer and that I'd much rather write for a living. So I went to Cardiff to do a course in magazine journalism for a year. I didn't always want to work in football because I thought it would be a bad idea to mix something you love with something you do for a job, but I've been happily proved wrong. My big break was securing some work experience doing some writing for a new sports magazine called Sported. They liked my work, and as a result of that, I was taken on as a full-time sports journalist for a sports magazine. Unfortunately the magazine folded, and so I went to work for Match magazine where I'm now the Deputy Editor."
Can you describe your job for us?
"We do a lot of interviews with players but now I'm Deputy Editor I don't do so many myself anymore. I write features now and I'm more involved in organising things such as promotions with sportswear companies, talking to sponsors and agents. I edit the magazine and co-ordinate all the writers, designers and photographers."
What do you enjoy most about working in football?
"Knowing that if I want to go to a big game I probably can is a great bonus of this job. But I've also enjoyed meeting some of the top level people in the game - the players, the managers and other people behind the game."
What is the highlight of your career so far?
"Being at the European Cup final in 1999 between Manchester United and Bayern Munich in Barcelona was definitely a very special moment for me. The other one is Euro 2000. I thought the whole tournament was fantastic and I got to see 12 games. If I had to pick a favourite match it would have to be Spain's 4-3 victory over Yugoslavia, when Spain scored two goals in extra time, and the Yugloslavians were devastated, only to find that they had qualified after all, so everyone was happy!"
Finally, what advice would you give people who want to follow in your footsteps?
"I think it's important to be confident in whatever you choose to do."



May 2001


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