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Football History

Sweden Takes The Best Of British

Swedish football combined two varying but key elements of the British version when the game first came to her shores. David Goldblatt reports on the co-existence of amateurism and commercialism.

A History Of Women's Soccer

Question - What do the Football Associations of, England, Holland and Germany have in common with China's Qing Dynasty (founded 1644)? Answer - All four governing bodies at some stage banned women's football.

Club Names Explained

Are you an Albion fan? Or perhaps it's United? This article looks at the extensions that clubs all over the world have adopted, what they mean and where they originated.

English Names Abroad

Some of the world's most famous clubs were founded with the help of British people living or working abroad in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. In many cases the names of these clubs provide lasting clues as to their origins. Other clubs were named purely in honour of the English originals.

Football in the Workplace

As China ClubFootball FC launches its new "Football in the Workplace" initiative in China, Chairman Rowan Simons explains that football has always been "The Worker's Game" and argues that it can build teamwork, inspire leadership and promote energy and spirit in the modern workplace!


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