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Football Art

Football Music, Jim Phelan

'Friends in the record industry told us, "Football and music? Forget it! The two just don't go together." But we decided this stuff had to be heard.'

Photographer, Ian Beesley

'I am a fan first, photographer second.' As Simon Inglis reports Ian Beesley sometimes found himself cheering while other photographers were busy snapping the action!

Playwright, Clifford 'Olly' Oliver

"Football is where the real theatre is, but for it to remain relevant it has to adapt." The struggle against racism in British football - on and off the field - has turned up many champions, but none as committed as 44 year old playwright Clifford Oliver.

Web Cartoonist, 'Ormondroyd'

"Football writes its own humour because the characters involved are just so funny." We all take football far too seriously. That is the belief of Fulham supporter 'Ormondroyd', whose hilarious 'virtual match reports' on the web have attained cult status amongst English football fans.


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