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Autumn 2018 - ClubFootball 5's League - Division 2


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Match Venue Maps:  Chaoyang Park


Division 2 League Table
PosTeam namePWDLFAPts
1 Xinglong 兴隆141301591839
2 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟141211611937
3 BO HAI 渤海14914331628
4 BOB14707392921
5 The Lang Pack 狼群14419273513
6 GODDOG14419224113
7 6 Nation Army14329164711
8 YMY1402121264




Week 1: Wednesday 22nd August 2018
PitchTimeTeam 1   Team 2
520:00The Lang Pack 狼群0v2BO HAI 渤海
620:00 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟3v6Xinglong 兴隆
520:35The Lang Pack 狼群1v4 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟
620:35BO HAI 渤海2v3Xinglong 兴隆
521:15YMY1v26 Nation Army
621:50 6 Nation Army1v1GODDOG


Week 2: Wednesday 29th August 2018
PitchTimeTeam 1   Team 2
520:00The Lang Pack 狼群0v5Xinglong 兴隆
520:35The Lang Pack 狼群3v1YMY
620:35Xinglong 兴隆2v1GODDOG
521:15BO HAI 渤海0v2 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟
621:156 Nation Army1v4BOB
521:50BO HAI 渤海2v0 6 Nation Army
621:50 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟2v1BOB



Week 3: Wednesday 5th September 2018
PitchTimeTeam 1   Team 2
520:00BO HAI 渤海4v0YMY
620:00 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟1v0GODDOG
520:35 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟6v1YMY
620:35BO HAI 渤海3v2GODDOG
521:15The Lang Pack 狼群1v26 Nation Army
621:15Xinglong 兴隆5v1BOB
521:50The Lang Pack 狼群2v6BOB
621:50Xinglong 兴隆3v06 Nation Army



Week 4: Wednesday 12th September 2018
PitchTimeTeam 1   Team 2
520:00The Lang Pack 狼群6v0GODDOG
620:00BO HAI 渤海2v1BOB
520:35The Lang Pack 狼群3v1BOB
620:35BO HAI 渤海6v0GODDOG
521:15 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟7v1 6 Nation Army
621:15Xinglong 兴隆4v2YMY
521:50 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟5v2Xinglong 兴隆    
621:50YMY2v2 6 Nation Army



Week 5: Wednesday 19th September 2018
PitchTimeTeam 1   Team 2
520:00YMY0v9Xinglong 兴隆
620:35Xinglong 兴隆4v2BOB
521:15The Lang Pack 狼群0v0BO HAI 渤海
621:15 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟9v06 Nation Army
521:50The Lang Pack 狼群2v6 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟
621:50BO HAI 渤海2v06 Nation Army



Week 6: Wednesday 26th September 2018
PitchTimeTeam 1   Team 2
520:00BO HAI 渤海4v1YMY
620:00 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟4v1BOB
520:35 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟3v3YMY
620:35BO HAI 渤海3v0BOB
521:15The Lang Pack 狼群0v2Xinglong 兴隆
621:156 Nation Army2v5GODDOG
521:50The Lang Pack 狼群1v2GODDOG
621:506 Nation Army0v4Xinglong 兴隆



Week 7: Wednesday 10th October 2018
PitchTimeTeam 1   Team 2
520:00BO HAI 渤海1v3 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟
620:00Xinglong 兴隆6v0GODDOG
520:35BO HAI 渤海2v4Xinglong 兴隆
620:35 Chaoqing United 朝青联盟6v0GODDOG
521:15The Lang Pack 狼群2v46 Nation Army
521:50The Lang Pack 狼群6v0YMY
621:506 Nation Army1v4BOB

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