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Men's 5-a-side League Rules


Tournament Rules

All participants should be familiar with the competition rules before playing.Rules which have been updated since the 2016/17 season are in red.

    General Rules & Player Conduct
  1. This is a friendly competition and should be played in the correct spirit. Teams, players and spectators not competing in the correct spirit will be asked to leave the competition.

  2. All matches will be refereed by a ClubFootball member of staff. The referees decision is final.

  3. No players are permitted to play under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  4. The league is open to amateur players aged 16 or over.

  5. Players and spectators are asked to treat match venues, league organizing staff, and venue staff with due respect.

  6. Players are asked to respect other teams playing at match venues before and after league matches and keep well back from the pitches until the other teams have finished.

  7. Where players wish to warm up with a ball prior to playing, they are asked to so do outside the perimeter fence so as not to interrupt or distract the players on the field. Players stretching or warming up without a ball are permitted to warm up inside the perimeter fence, providing they stay well back from the pitch.

  8. Where players kick the ball over the fence during the warm-up, they should retrieve it immediately. During matches, substitutes and spectators are requested to assist ClubFootball staff where possible in retrieving balls to ensure matches continue without interruptions.

  9. Team & Player Registrations
  10. To register a place in the league, teams must complete the Team & Player Registration Form and pay the Team Deposit. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  11. All teams must pay a Team Deposit of 1,000 Rmb prior to the start of the competition. Teams whose Team Deposit has been carried forward from previous competitions must top up their deposit to 1,000 Rmb prior to the start of the tournament.

  12. All participating players must register and be 2016 ClubFootball Members.

  13. Players who are not ClubFootball Members can join before they play. Membership costs 100 Rmb and is valid until 1st March 2017. Membership allows players to play in all ClubFootball 5-a-side Leagues in 2016.

  14. Should any player arrive at the pitch and be unable to pay their registration fee before playing, the player must fill in a Player Registration Form and the Player Registration Fee will be deducted automatically from the team deposit, allowing the player to register and take part in matches.

  15. Additional players may join the teams after the tournament begins, provided they register as above before they play a league fixture.

  16. Players may represent a maximum of three teams in the ClubFootball Midweek 5-a-side League. Players may not represent two teams which compete in the same divisions. Players wishing to represent multiple teams must be listed on the Team & Player Registration Form of each team.

  17. Players may transfer between teams a maximum of once per competition.

  18. Players are not permitted to transfer between teams after the team which the player is transferring from has played their Week 5 (or fifth) round of matches in the competition.

  19. To transfer, players should contact ClubFootball by Email at or phone at 5130 6893/4/5/6 at least 24 hours prior to the teams forthcoming league fixture.

  20. Venue Rules
  21. No smoking or glass bottles are permitted within the facility.

  22. At Chaoyang Park, players should use the East Gate of the park to enter the pitches area, and not the Staff Gate to the North of the East Gate. Players entering by the East Gate are not required to pay to enter the park. Please show your ClubFootball membership card or say you are a member of ClubFootball (Wanguo Qunxing) to enter for free. Players entering by the South, West or North Gate need to buy a ticket to enter the park.

  23. At Side Park, please note that Side Park itself closes at 21:30pm. Players finishing play after that time should leave via the South Gate, which remains open until 24:00 to allow for entry and exit to the football pitches.

  24. No bicycles are permitted in the pitch areas. Bikes should be locked up in the car-park area. Bikes which are left inside the park may be removed by the park staff.

  25. When arriving at the pitch area, players should respect the other teams playing and stay well back from the pitch area until the other teams playing have finished.

  26. Fixtures & Match Fees
  27. In the interests of all teams, there shall be no change to the fixtures once the schedule has been issued. Any team which has a problem with fixtures during the competition must inform ClubFootball at the time they confirm their participation in the competition. Any team which doesnt inform ClubFootball at the time of registering, and which is unable to fulfill their fixtures, will forfeit the relevant matches 0-6. No refunds are available for teams which can not play their scheduled fixtures.

  28. Where a team is unable to fulfill their matches on a specific week, ClubFootball must be informed 48 hours (2 working days, not including Saturday and Sunday) before the match, or the match is considered a "no-show" and deductions made as below from the Team Deposit. Where a team informs ClubFootball more than 2 working days before the match in question, the match will be counted as a 0-6 defeat, but no deductions will be made to the Team Deposit.

  29. Where a team does not show up for a scheduled match and has failed to inform ClubFootball of their non-appearance more than 48 hours (2 working days) prior to the fixture as per the rule above, or shows up but doesnt have enough players to play a competitive match, they will have 3 points automatically deducted from their current points tally.

  30. Where a team is unable to fulfill their matches or does not show up or is unable to play on two separate match nights in the course of one competition season, the team will forfeit their team deposit and may be asked to leave the league. This rule will be implemented irrespective of whether or not the team informed ClubFootball 48 hours in advance as stipulated above, and the decision will be solely at the discretion of ClubFootball.

  31. Where a team chooses to leave the league or is expelled from the league before they have completed 50% of their scheduled fixtures, all match results involving the team will be wiped from the record and counted as a 0-6 win for the opposing team. Where the team has fulfilled more than 50% of their scheduled fixtures before the team leaves or is expelled from the league, the teams first match against each of the other teams in the division shall be counted, and the second round of 7 fixtures shall be counted as a 0-6 win for the opposition.

  32. Where a team choose to leave the league without completing all fixtures, or is expelled from the league, the team will forfeit their team deposit.

  33. All teams are asked to assist in facilitating the smooth running of the league by paying their match fees BEFORE the first match each night.

  34. Bad Weather Postponements
  35. Matches will only be cancelled in extreme circumstances due to the weather; where a postponement is necessary, ClubFootball will contact all team captains by telephone to inform them of the postponement. Postponed matches will be made up at a suitable time. Teams are asked to be as flexible as possible to allow matches to be rescheduled. Where rescheduling of matches is impossible, ClubFootball will do its utmost to adjudicate fairly and resolve the problem in an amicable manner.

  36. Once started, matches will go ahead in the rain unless the pitch is deemed unplayable by the referee. In cases of lightning, play will be stopped immediately by the referee.

  37. Pollution readings (PM 2.5) will be taken from

  38. ClubFootball will check the 17:00pm reading every matchday , and if the reading is 275 or over at 17:00pm, then matches will be cancelled. If the reading is under 275 at 17:00pm, then matches will go ahead.

  39. Please note that the decision will be based on the reading at 17:00pm and the decision made then. If the reading is above 275 at 17:00pm, matches are cancelled even if the reading drops at the 19:00 or 20:00 readings. Similarly, if the reading is below 275 at 17:00 but rises after 17:00, matches will go ahead. This is necessary to allow teams to check the reading and plan accordingly.

  40. Where matches are cancelled as the reading is over 275, ClubFootball will contact all teams to inform them of the cancellation. Where pollution levels are under 275 at 17:00 and teams choose not to come due to air quality, this will be considered a no-show and the match recorded as a 0-6 loss and the Team Deposit deducted accordingly.

  41. Where a match has begun but has to be abandoned due to no fault of the teams taking part, such as for reasons of bad weather, floodlight failure, or facility problems, the match will be replayed in its entirety, beginning with a 0-0 scoreline.

  42. No-shows & Teams Short of Players
  43. Where a team is unable to provide 5 players to fulfill their fixture, they must inform ClubFootball 24 hours prior to the kick off, and ClubFootball will provide up to a maximum of 2 additional players to allow the fixtures to take place.

  44. Where a team fails to notify ClubFootball a minimum of 24 hours prior to kick-off to request additional players, or provides less than 4 players available for a scheduled match, the team will forfeit the match 0-6 and have 500 Rmb deducted from their team deposit.

  45. Where a team does not appear for a scheduled fixture and has 500 Rmb deducted from their deposit (as stipulated above), the team must top their deposit back up to 1,000 Rmb before the next fixture. Until the Team Deposit has been topped back up to 1000 Rmb, all fixtures will be counted as a 0-6 defeat.

  46. Where one team doesnt show up and the other team present only plays one 30-minute game, the other match fee shall pay a reduced match fee of 200 Rmb for the evening.

  47. Where a team is unable to play a scheduled match, ClubFootball will do its best to arrange a suitable opponent to play a friendly match in their place, thus ensuring each team always plays 2 matches each match night. Where a team plays 1 friendly and 1 league match, they should pay a reduced fee of 350 Rmb for that match night.

  48. Teams Arriving Late
  49. On the day, each team shall consist of a minimum of 4 players. Where a team has less than 4 players, the team will forfeit the match 0-6 and the match considered a "noshow". The team may borrow players from the opposition and play the game as a friendly match. Where a team has 4 players, they must play, otherwise the match will be considered a noshow. Teams providing less than 4 players for a match, or refusing to play with 4 players, will have 500 Rmb deducted from their deposit.

  50. Where a team has 5 players at the kick off time, the match must begin.

  51. Where a team has less than 5 players at the kick off time, kick off may be delayed by a maximum of 10 minutes to allow for the late arrival of a player or players.

  52. Where the team does not have the required 4 players ready to play after the 10 minute delay, the match will be forfeited and the match counted as a "noshow".

  53. Where a team (or some of their players) arrives late and only plays 1 match on a scheduled match night, they will still be required to pay the full night抯 match fee of 400 Rmb, or 350 Rmb if one of the matches was a friendly match.

  54. Where a team is short of players and finds someone on site to play for their team prior to the game, the new player must complete a Player Registration Form and pay their 100 Rmb ClubFootball Membership Fee. Where the player or team do not have or are unwilling to pay the membership fee, it will be deducted from the Team Deposit.

  55. Match Rules
  56. With the exception of the goalkeeper, all team members must wear shirts of the same colour. Teams should wear shirts of the colour stated in the Team Registration Form as their first choice team shirt. Where a team doesnt have a team kit for a particular evening of matches, they should contact ClubFootball before 5pm on the day of the match to allow a replacement kit to be provided.

  57. All matches must be played with the ball provided.

  58. There is no restriction as to how high the ball may be played.

  59. There is no offside.

  60. Where the ball crosses the touch-line, play will restart with a kick-in (not a throw-in). There are no goal-kicks; instead of a goal-kick, the goalkeeper will restart play with a throw out or a kick out. Once the goalkeeper puts the ball down, the ball is deemed to be in play. Once the goalkeer puts the ball down, he may not touch it again with his hands.

  61. For the safety of players, slide tackles will not be permitted. Repeated slide tackling will be a cautionable offence.

  62. Substitutes may be made any time, but the player entering the pitch must wait until the player leaving the pitch is off the pitch before he can enter the game. Substitutes must be made at the halfway line, and on the side of the pitch as designated by the referee. Players abusing this rule for their advantage may be shown a yellow card.

  63. Each team must have a designated goalkeeper who must wear a different colour to the rest of his team (or a bib); the goalkeeper may handle the ball anywhere within the marked goalkeepers area.

  64. Players may wear football boots, but boots with metal studs are strictly forbidden.

  65. A goal may only be scored from within the oppositions half of the pitch. A goal scored from within the goal scorers own half will not count; play will restart with a throw-out from the goalkeeper of the team which has just "conceded" the goal.

  66. A goal may not be scored directly from a kick-in. Where a goal is scored directly from a kick-in, the goal will not count, and play will restart with a throw-out from the goalkeeper of the team which has just "conceded" the goal.

  67. The "passback rule" (as in the official FIFA rules) will be applied. Where a goalkeeper handles the ball after it has been deliberately passed back by a teammate, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free-kick.

  68. Where a player (including the goalkeeper) commits a yellow or red card offence outside the penalty area, a yellow or red card will be accorded as per FIFA Rules, and the appropriate sanction taken. A penalty will NOT be awarded for such an offence, as was the case in previous competitions.

  69. A goal may be scored directly from the kick-off.

  70. Where a free kick is awarded, the opposition player must retreat 3m from the ball.

  71. The decision to cancel a match may only be made by the ClubFootball League Supervisor or by the referee. Any team refusing to continue to play for any reason shall forfeit the match 0-6, the match classed as a no-show, and the Team Deposit deducted accordingly.

  72. Subsitutes or spectators must stand 1m (ONE METRE) back from the touchline during play, and must not enter the field under any circumstances. Teams whose spectators enter the field of play repeatedly may be expelled from the competition.

  73. In the event that the competition finishes with 2 or more teams level on points, the winning team will be determined by: a. goal difference b. if goal difference is level, then goals scored c. if 2 teams are level on goal difference and goals scored, the team which won the match between the 2 tied teams will be the winner. d. if more than 2 teams are level on goal difference and goals scored, all results against other teams will be discarded and the title decided by applying the rules to only the matches between the tied teams. e. where all of the above are level, a play-off will be arranged at a time convenient to both teams.

  74. Player Discipline
  75. This is a friendly competition and should be played in the correct spirit, ie yellow and red cards should not be necessary.

  76. Where a yellow card is issued, 20 Rmb will be deducted from the deposit of the team the player is representing.

  77. Where a red card is issued, 100 Rmb will be deducted from the deposit of the team the player is representing.

  78. Where a yellow card is issued, the player receiving the card will be "sin-binned" and forced to sit out until EITHER TEAM has scored a goal. His team will not be permitted to replace him. He will then be allowed to return to the field of play.

  79. Where players from both sides receive a yellow card at the same time, both must be removed from the field of play until a goal is scored. Once a goal is scored, BOTH players are permitted to rejoin the play. Where two players from the same team have been removed from the field for a yellow card offence, BOTH players are permitted to rejoin the play once a goal is scored by EITHER TEAM.

  80. Where a player commits a yellow card offence and either team scores before the referee stops the game to issue the yellow card, the offending player will be "sin-binned" and forced to sit out untila goal is scored as stipulated above.

  81. Where a substitute is shown a yellow card when not on the field of play, the substitutes team MUST remove a player from the field of play until the opposition scores a goal. Where a substitute receives a red card, the team shall play the remainder of the match with one player less. The player receiving the red card may not play for the remainder of the night on which he received the red card, and is also suspended for the following match-nights 2 league matches.

  82. Where a red card is issued, the player receiving the card will be sent off and not permitted to play for the rest of the evening and will also be banned for the match night the following week. For offences involving violent or unsporting conduct, longer bans may also be imposed for the benefit of all participating teams.

  83. ClubFootball has the right to ask any player to leave the competition. Any player involved in instances of fighting will be asked to leave the competition immediately.

  84. During the match, if at any time a team has less than 3 players (including the goalkeeper) on the pitch, the match will be stopped and the opposition awarded a 6:0 victory. If both teams are reduced to less than 3 players at the same time, the match will be stopped and both teams recorded as having lost 0:6. The match shall be considered a no-show for the team with less than 3 players, and the Team Deposit deducted accordingly.

  85. ClubFootball has the right to ask any spectators conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner inside the perimeter fence to leave the pitch area. Spectators must not under any circumstances enter the field of play. Teams whose spectators continually behave in an inappropriate or abusive manner will be expelled from the competition and their Team Deposit retained.




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