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Registrations FAQ

  • How do I register?
  • To register you need to:


    1. Fill in a Registration Form
    2. Pay Your Course Fee:
      1. We have a range of payment options for your convenience:-
        1. By Alipay - our Alipay account details are Name: / Account Holder: 北京万国群星足球俱乐部有限公司.

        2. Bank transfer (please contact us for our bank details) 

        3. Through signup days at the schools of the chosen venue.

        4. Most of the courses you attend will have a sign-up day for the next course; so you can pay one of ClubFotball's admin staff at the venue for the next course while the old course is still running.  

  • Can I register at the first class?
  • We strongly advise against trying to register at the first class because groups generally are full when courses begin, so if you wait till the first day to register, you’re likely to miss out. 


    Apart from the fact there might be no space left, it’s best for everyone if all students register in advance. This allows us to organise the groups and ensure everybody is at a similar level of experience and ability. This way when the courses start, registration is out of the way and we can concentrate on the football! 


    With this in mind we strongly recommend that you contact us to reserve your place in advance. 

  • If I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?
  • Although this does not happen very often, we do give refunds for students who are not happy with their course according to our Refund Policy which can be found at the bottom of this page.  


    To avoid students signing up and finding they don’t enjoy the course, we run free tester classes prior to the start of every season. These sessions are designed to allow players and parents to try the course in advance, and see if they enjoy it, before making the commitment to sign up. If you’d like to find out more about the tester sessions please click here.

  • What if the weather is too bad to play?
  • Where the weather is very bad and pitches are unplayable or dangerous, we will cancel the session. If we do need to cancel the session, we will announce these details via our website and Weixin/WeChat account. Where there is light rain or wind, we will play. 


    On colder or wetter days, we adapt the sessions slightly to keep the players moving to make sure they stay warmed up and don’t catch cold! For classes cancelled due to bad weather, either a make-up will be arranged for the week following the final scheduled lesson of the course. If this is not possible then the class fee will be refunded.  

    Full details of our Bad Weather & Pollution Policy can be found by clicking here.

  • If I miss a class, can I have a refund?
  • Refunds are available for students missing 4 lessons or more IN A ROW for legitmate reasons such as sickness, injury or travel. Students missing less than 4 sessions in a row, or missing 4 or more sessions but not in a row are not entitled to a refund. 


    To ensure continuity and maximum enjoyment from the course, students are asked to attend all classes. Complete details of our Refund Policy can be found at the bottom of this page

  • If I miss a class, can I do a make-up class to compensate?
  • Where a class is cancelled a make-up class for the group will be scheduled for the week following the final scheduled lesson of the course. If this is not possible then the class fee will be refunded. However, students are no longer permitted to join another group or course to make up a missed class. We therefore encourage parents to make sure their children attend every class in order to benefit both their child’s development, and that of the other players in their group.
  • Can I change to a different venue after a course has started?
  • For practical and logistical reasons we strongly discourage parents from changing which venue they attend once the courses have begun. Outside these times players are free to change venues as required. 


    We appreciate that due to conflicting schedules and alterations in housing locations it is sometimes necessary for players to request a venue change mid-season. Under these circumstances we will be happy to confirm your venue change - as long as there is sufficient space in an appropriate class.  


    To request a venue change please contact us and ask for the Member Services Department.

  • Can I get a discount on the tuition fees?
  • Sibling Discounts: Parents registering 2 brothers or sisters get a 10% discount on their second child. Parents registering 3 siblings are entitled to a 20% on the third sibling registering. 


    All siblings must register in order to be eligible – you don’t get a discount just because you have a brother! Please note these discounts only apply to brothers and sisters, not cousins or friends.  


    Bring-a-friend Discounts: Students currently on courses who invite a friend to register are entitled to a 10% discount. If they invite 2 friends, they are entitled to 20% etc. 5 friends is half price, and 10 is a free course!


    Please note the invited student does not receive a discount. If he/she would like a discount, they will also need to invite a friend to join!


    New students registering in 2’s or 3’s are NOT entitled to a discount; only continuing students who invite new students. New students will be invited to a tester class. 


    For groups of new students larger than 10 children we will consider offering a group discount on a case-by-case basis. If would like to apply for a group discount please contact us and ask for the Member Services Department.

    Complete details of our Discount Policy can be found here.

  • Can I have a fapiao?
  • Of course! Please let us know the type of fapiao you need, the name to make it out to, and we will prepare and deliver to you at the class.
  • What is your pollution policy?
  • For midweek after school clubs (ASAs), we generally follow the school’s pollution policy. For weekend classes, we will cancel if the pollution reaches levels which are considered harmful by the experts. For complete details of the Pollution Policy please click here
  • Can I choose my coach?
  • Groups allocations are primarily based on a combination of age, ability, and experience, and we aim to place your child in the most appropriate group available. Please be assured that it’s as much in our interests as yours to ensure players are able to build a relationship with their coach, and enjoy a level of consistency as they develop. 


    However given that the majority of our venues are over-subscribed, it is not always possible to allocate every student to their preferred group of choice. If you prefer your child to be taught by a specific coach, please let us know when you register and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • Can my child play with their friends?
  • As far as we’re concerned playing with your friends is one of the most enjoyable things about being a member of a football club. Whether they’re from school, from your residential housing area, or they’re one of the other players you met at ClubFootball - it’s always good to see a friendly face. Therefore whenever we are aware of existing friendships we’ll endeavor to consider these during the group allocation process.  


    However to ensure the best quality of learning, we also feel it is essential that children play in a group with other players of a similar age, experience, and ability. More significantly if a player is in an inappropriate group it can be harmful to their confidence, and their long term enjoyment of the game. As a result if two friends are from vastly differing levels we will recommend they join separate groups.


    If you would like to request your child is in the same group as one of their friends, please be sure to note this clearly on your registration form, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • The class time isn’t suitable! Can my child play with an older/younger group?
  • For children whose birthday falls within one month of our designated age-group boundaries, we will be happy to book them directly into the group of their choice.


    For children whose birthday is one to three months outside the designated age range the decision will be made at the discretion of the coach who leads the class. 


    For children more than 3 months outside the age group, permission to join a group will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. This decision will be made by the Coaching Director in consultation with the other senior members of the coaching team.

    If your coach determines that your child is inappropriate for a class based on their age or their current level of ability, please understand this decision will be final. Coaching decisions are made in the best interests of all participants, therefore parents are asked to respect the coaches’ judgement, and to refrain from attempting to persuade them to change their mind. 

  • Can we come along once to try it out?
  • Yes of course! As long as we have space, we can sign up new players for tryouts/testers. You can find more details about our free tester classes by clicking here 


    Students do not need to pay for tryout/tester classes. Participation will be limited to a maximum number of two tryout/tester classes per child. 

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