Junior League Tryouts for Autumn 2016!

If you're looking to for competitive football to take your game to the next level this Autumn, book a spot on our junior league tryouts now!


What are ClubFootball League Teams?


ClubFootball's junior league teams are Level 3 of ClubFootball's 3-level Development Programme and designed for advanced players who already have good basic technical skills and are ready for the challenge of regular competitive match play.Teams train midweek and play matches every weekend, competing in leage competitions such as the Beijing International Junior Football League (BIJFL) and Haidain International Junior Football League (HIJFL). For more information about ClubFootball League Teams, please click here!


How to book a place?


Please watch this space for times and dates coming in the next few days. Alternatively, contact us and we'll send you info and confirm your place. Please note, you are free to bring your friends to have a try out with you! Please contact us  and we will book place for you and your friends!

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