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City Weekend - Parents & Kids Club
Allied Pickfords - leaving china? relax. we carry the load.
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ClubFootball members also enjoy discounts at foneVillage's network of 120+ (and growing) partner venues. All ClubFootball members begin with 1200 foneVillage points, meaning you can save up to RMB 1200 at foneVillage venues with your initial membership fee!

Each time you use the system the relevant number of points will be deducted from your account automatically and can be tracked online once you抳e registered on the foneVillage website. You can also recharge your points in a number of ways such as by rating foneVillage venues or by telling friends about the service.

To enjoy discounts at foneVillage venues, please follow the instructions below.

1. Register your Account 2. Check out Available Discounts

To register, simply text the Registration Code on page 1 of your foneBook to foneVillage at 13911079702.

For future use, it's a good idea to save the foneVillage number in your mobile as you'll need it to claim your discounts!

Check out the discounts listed on the foneVillage website, or in the foneBook you receive when you become a ClubFootball member. Each venue has been allocated a number (the "venue number"), and each venue offers discounts to members.

3. Save Money!

4. Claiming foneVillage Gift Vouchers

To claim discounts when paying your bill at a foneVillage venue, simply text "venue number_your total bill" to foneVillage (13911079702). You'll receive a message immediately giving the discounted total of your bill - show this message to staff to claim your discount.

Individual venue numbers are listed in the foneBook, and also on display at all foneVillage partner venues.

Simply text "venue number_g" to the foneVillage service number (13911079702), and you will receive a message confirming you are eligible for the free gift voucher. Show the message to venue staff to claim your gift!

Individual venue numbers are listed in the foneBook, and also on display at all foneVillage partner venues.

5. Getting to foneVillage Venues

If you're not sure how to get to a venue, simply text "venue number_a" to foneVillage and you'll receive an SMS featuring the address in English and Chinese, and the venue telephone number.

Please note: All text messages sent to foneVillage are charged at the price of a normal text message.

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