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Autumn 2008 - ClubFootball Midweek 5-a-side League

Tournament Outline

Sign up now for both Autumn 2008 seasons of the ClubFootball Midweek 5-a-side League, Beijing抯 biggest year-round 5-a-side league! The league is divided into two competitions (the Chaoyang North and Chaoyang South leagues), and is open to men抯 amateur and corporate teams of all levels.

Teams play in divisions of 8 teams, with a shortened one-round Season 1 from Mon 1st Sept to Thur 25th Sept, and a full-length Season 2 from Mon 6th Oct to Thur 20th Nov 2008. To simplify registration procedures, teams must register for both seasons to participate in the competition.

Matches are played from 20:00 - 21:15pm, or from 21:15 - 22:30pm at Side Park, Chaoyang Park, and Taiyanggong (North Leagues), and at ClubFootball Xiaowuji (South League). Results and tables will be posted on the ClubFootball website and mailed weekly to all players, with trophies for the winners and runners-up of each division.

Tournament Format and Rules

All matches will be refereed by a ClubFootball member of staff, and players and teams not competing in the spirit of Fair Play expected by participants will be expelled from the tournament.

  • Season 1 Fixtures: September: 1st-4th,8th-11th,15th-18th,22nd-25th .

  • Season 2 Fixtures: October: 6th-9th, 13th-16th, 20th-23rd, 27th-30th, November: 3rd-6th, 10th-13th, 17th-20th

  • Structure: Divisions of 8, with divisions arranged according to final positions in the Spring 2008 MasterCard ClubFootball 5-a-side League.

  • Chaoyang North League Chaoyang South League
    Div 1: Tuesday (Side Park) Div 1: Wednesday (ClubFootball Xiaowuji)
    Div 2: Thursday (Side Park) Div 2: Tuesday (ClubFootball Xiaowuji)
    Div 3: Wednesday (Chaoyang Park)Div 3: Thursday (ClubFootball Xiaowuji)
    Div 4: Monday (Chaoyang Park)
    Div 5: Tuesday (Chaoyang Park)
    Div 6: Thursday (Chaoyang Park)
    Div 7: Monday (Chaoyang Park)
    Div 8: Thursday (Taiyanggong)

  • Time: Session 1: 20:00 - 21:15pm, Session 2: 21:15 - 22:30pm

  • Venues: Lining Chaoyang Sports Park (the artificial 5-a-side pitches, just inside the East Gate of Chaoyang Park), Side Park (near the Lido Hotel), ClubFootball 5-a-side Centre at Xiaowuji (South East 4th Ring Road), Taiyanggong (at Siyuan Qiao). Please see above for details as to which divisions are at which venue.

  • Substitutions: Five-a-side teams with a maximum of 7 rolling substitutes.

  • Format: 2 matches per night of 2 x 15 minutes halves, with 5 minutes

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