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Purpose of Evaluation Pre-Tests/Post-Tests for Soccer Athletes

This article was generously provided by Michael Rose, MS (University of Pittsburgh) CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) of New Wave Soccer Conditioning.

New Wave Soccer Conditioning ( is an on-line, soccer specific strength & conditioning program that includes videos, graphic pictures/photos, & written instructions for drills/exercises along with program design options for those individuals interested in purchasing the program (by clicking on any 'signup' link buttons on the web site).

Before an individual decides to start implementing a structured soccer specific strength & conditioning program, he/she should consider performing a select number of pre-tests.

The purpose of these pre-tests is to obtain baseline information on general physical parameters such as strength, power, speed, agility, and anaerobic conditioning. This will also enable soccer athletes to determine their own individual strengths and weaknesses relative to the demands required, to reach maximal performance as a soccer player.

The pre-test results will enable the individual to determine if he/she needs to focus any extra attention on specific components of a soccer strength & conditioning program.

For example, the individual can perform a muscle balance strength test of the legs, and find that the hamstrings are very weak compared to the quadriceps. Then, the individual will know that it is vital to utilize an extra resistance training exercise, which will primarily work the hamstrings, in the strength training component of the program.

The muscle balance strength test is a great example of a pre-test that is especially vital for female soccer players. Female soccer players have a higher rate of ACL injuries compared to male soccer players. One of the underlying causes for increased risk of ACL injuries is the weaker hamstrings to quadriceps strength ratio.

Post-testing should be used on a regular interval basis (4-6 months). This will enable soccer athletes to determine the level of improvements that have been made with their prior training.

It will also help soccer athletes stay motivated during their training program throughout the entire year and strive to reach reasonable specific training goals that they set out to achieve in their program.

Next month抯 tip will discuss specific evaluation tests(pre-tests/post-tests), which are recommended to be used by soccer athletes.

Michael Rose, MS, CSCS offers an on-line, soccer specific strength & conditioning program at

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