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Tall Tales : English football : Fun in the fog

Fun in the fog
Posted by on 03- 5月-2004
4347 people have seen this tall tale.
1945 - White Hart Lane. A legendary match between Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow!

Despite thick fog enveloping the stadium, the referee insisted that the match continue. As the fog thickened, the fixture quickly descended into farce, as the Russians brought on a substitute, but didn't take any one off!

The game continued with the Russians having 12 players on the field - some Arsenal players and fans were convinced that at some points Dynamo Moscow had up to 15 players on the pitch at once!

Arsenal took similar advantage of the foggy conditions - an Arsenal player was given a red card for fighting, but, under cover of the thick fog, sneaked back onto the pitch unknown to the referee!

Finally, the Arsenal goalkeeper lost his bearings in the fog, ran into his own goal-post, and knocked himself out cold! A spectator took his place in the fog and the match continued.

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